At MaXercise, we combine challenging fitness classes with a modern martial arts vibe.







Here at MaXercise we offer adults fitness classes with a Martial Arts Twist.  We use training techniques that Martial Arts and Boxing clubs and combine this with other fitness training to create a fitness class that not only deliver results but is enjoyable for everyone at any level.

At our MaXercise fitness classes we cater for all level of fitness. Everyone can work at the own level and will be pushed to their own limits and potential. With the experience of our Personal Trainers and fitness Instructors the classes are informative and different every time.

“A really good way to either ‘get started’ with your fitness or ‘change up’ what you’re doing to get results. You can work at your own pace, but they’ll push you if needed! I have seen results in just 4 weeks.”

Steve Pretsell

It is our goal to help individuals reach their fitness goals in a fun and enjoyable manner. For this goal, we strive to keep all lessons interesting and fresh to avoid the boredom of constantly repeating the same tasks like a gym.

We also aim to inform members to a high standard so that they can manage their own nutrition and diet in the long term, of course the MaXercise staff are always ready to answer questions and give specific advice when needed 

Jamie Johannes

Jamie Johannes


Jamie started in freestyle karate aged just six. Training under Clifton Findley and Jason Ross he became a black belt at age 10. He grew to love the sport and the competitions becoming English and British champion at a very young age. He has competed at many competitions in semi–contact and continuous light contact.

At 16 he began teaching other students, starting at college becoming a qualified sports coach and personal trainer. Now at 29 he has many years of experience and a 3rd Dan Black Belt. Teaching and coaching is a big passion of Jamie’s and he hopes to inspire and bring the best out of everyone so they will be a success.

Shane Knappert

Shane Knappert

Fitness Instructor

Shane Started in freestyle karate at the age of six. Training under Andrew hicks and Kevin Buckley. He accelerated his training and became a black belt by the age of 12. Through these years and beyond he had competed in many competitions here at home and abroad with many first place positions being achieved at these contests, Including a very proud achievement of Becoming Victor of the well-known Irish open at the age of 14.

At 16 and leaving school Shane joined the armed forces where he was to spend his next 3 years serving and as a logistics soldier. It is here where he gained his knowledge in personal training through the core programmes the Army had to offer. Now at 24 Shane is dedicated to his hobby’s and current job, His passion for inspiring others to not only realise but also to achieve their goals is a huge part of his beliefs and motivation