Sorry I haven’t written a blog for a while it has been crazy busy with Christmas coming up! I am pleased to inform you that I now weigh 9 stone, total weight loss in just over 4 weeks is 5lbs! I genuinely feel it hasn’t been that time consuming, I am a full time mum and Olivia is my priority I even missed one MaXercise fitness class as Olivia had her jabs and I have still managed to lose some weight. I have been to 1 MaXercise fitness class a week (bar 1), eaten healthier and completed 100 sit ups every night. I have still had treats, a night out, and usually at the weekends I tend to not be as “healthy” I had to do a little excited dance the other night as I was able to fit into my sparkly dress on my birthday night out, this was such an achievement for me as before I couldn’t even get it over my butt!!!

I also wanted to share with you all that I do suffer with anxiety at times and going to MaXercise has really helped me with that. I became even more anxious and worried about my weight prior to starting this challenge and I can already feel the positive difference in me. All of the people that attend the fitness class are welcoming and supportive, they as well as the type of class make me feel excited to attend. 

I have attended a number of different fitness classes in the past and had that horrible “dread” feeling before attending. The best thing about this challenge is it’s not happening over night, I feel I am doing this the right way! No crash diet, and no crazy 24 hours in the gym! And I am enjoying it all at the same time!
If you really fancy doing something different, meeting new people, getting fit and loosing weight then come on down Wednesdays at the Fletton Fleet 7pm-8pm first session free- try it out, see what you think! You have nothing to lose ?


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