Doctors recommend you wait 6 weeks before you start to diet and exercise. Well… my daughter is 6 weeks today so it is time for me to start the ball rolling and achieve my personal goal, after all I have Christmas parties to attend and I do not want to buy a new dress I already own about 10!

My latest weigh in is 9 stone 5lbs, which isn’t too bad considering I had two take aways this week! Although I would encourage you all to still have treats, I love chocolate, pizza and sweets obviously not as one meal ? but… it’s important to have a balanced diet

These photos (turn away now if need be ?) were taken before I had my daughter and the latest which I took this morning. Some may say I look okay but personally I just don’t feel comfortable and I can’t fit into my clothes.

I’ve created my own personal food diary so I can monitor the foods I’m eating every day to ensure it is as balanced as possible

So… on Wednesday I start my very first MaXercise fitness class. I am nervous but excited at the same time… I will update you on the class when I get back

Wish me luck!

Tanya- 30/10/16