At MaXercise, we combine challenging fitness classes with both a modern and traditional martial arts vibe.  We offer fresh and interesting fitness classes and sessions in a social environment, making MaXercise the place to push you to your limits whilst still retaining that all-important feel good factor!


“Very relaxed non-judgemental atmosphere. Caters for every shape, age, shape and level of fitness. Mixture of men and women and feels comfortable. Lots of fun and we are all pushed to our own limits. Good mix of warm ups, cardio, circuits, pad work and stretches. The variety is good too-something different each time to focus on different parts of the body”

Kelly-Anne Ford

Calories Burnt per session

Core Features

Fitness Class Peterborough

Personal Trainer

A dedicated Personal Trainer included in every in every class to monitor your personal progress as well as Fitness Plans designed FREE of charge

Fitness Class Peterborough

Fitness The Martial Arts Way

This will include pad work, leg strength and conditioning, cardio and core work regimes.

Fitness classes Peterborough

Diet and Nutrition

FREE diet and nutritional plans upon request.

Martial Arts Classes

If desired, 100% Martial Arts classes to reach that prestigious Black Belt.

Multiple Memberships

Discounted prices available for multiple memberships on Adults and Children’s classes

Training with Like Minded People

Train in a friendly environment at your own level of fitness and with like minded people.


“Having a baby is one of the most beautiful things in the world. I love my little button she brings a smile to my face everyday. But having a baby generally includes weight gain and for some women including myself it was a scary thought…

During my pregnancy I gained around 21 pounds (which is about average) and I lost about 8 pounds straight after giving birth. 

On the 2nd November 2016 I will be attending my first MaXercise fitness class and will begin my baby weight loss journey. My goal is to lose the remaining 13 pounds I am still carrying.  For those of you that didn’t know, MaXercise is a form of exercise but with a Martial Arts twist.

Each week I will share my progress, update you on the class and aim to achieve my personal “YUMMY MUMMY” goal

Tanya 25/10/2016





Hard Work Paying Off…

Sorry I haven't written a blog for a while it has been crazy busy with Christmas coming up! I am pleased to inform you that I now weigh 9 stone, total weight loss in just over 4 weeks is 5lbs! I genuinely feel it hasn't been that time consuming, I am a full time mum...

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MaXercise 6 Week Press-UP Challenge

A sure way to strengthen that upper body in just 6 weeks... This will improve your definition, strength, endurance, speed and explosiveness, all without using weights or going to the gym. Weeks 1-2 Preform this sequence 2 to 3 times per week with a rest day in...

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Touched My Toes…

Weigh in day number two!!! Sorry I am a day late due to seeing family all day yesterday and stuffing myself with yummy food! Current weigh in 9st 2... just under 1lbs lost! Not as much as last week but every little helps! Jamie has now increased my sit ups to 100...

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Smashed It!

2nd MaXercise fitness class completed  and this week I really felt like I smashed it!!! My mum even came to this one, she really enjoyed it, she was really nervous as it's her first exercise class in years and she has recently had surgery, but Jamie gave her so much...

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My First Weigh In Day!

So today is weigh in day and I am pleased to inform you I am now 9st 3!! ??☺️ I have included the two pictures I took before I started and now! I have eaten a much healthier diet, but I’ve still had some treats including a small glass of vino and some sweets! ? read more